Thursday, April 26, 2012

Michael Komarck - Cover Art


Michael was born in Louisiana and moved at a very young age to Michigan. As the years passed, he moved from crayons on to pencils, then to acrylics and eventually oils. In 1989 he went to the community college where he soon realized that he was better off self-thaught in art. That's why he only remained there for a very short period.
After several years working as a projectionist at the local Cineplex, he was co-founder of a small publishing house. However, except for the illustration of several children's books, the majority of his time was spent designing business cards, advertisements and eventually web related material (mainly Flash animation). It was during this period that he became acquainted with Photoshop and he ultimately replaced his oils with digital paint. Eventually he left to pursue a career as a full-time illustrator. He spent several years building a portfolio and designed, in the meantime, business and self-help book covers to pay the bills.

In 2003 he received offers to design cover work for several authors including Robert Asprin and George RR Martin. This opened the door for him to work with many outstanding companies.
He now lives with his wife and son in Michigan.

(All these images are property of Michael Komarck)