Monday, April 30, 2012

The Exiled Queen - Seven Realms #2 - Cinda Williams Chima

Raisa has fled the country and is headed to Oden's Ford with corporal Amon Byrne and his Gray Wolves. She plans to attend school with them  in Wien House, the military academy. Raisa hopes to avoid her forced marriage to Micah Bayar in this way and she wants to learn some important things ​​to prepare for being queen. But was this the best choice? While Raisa is away,  the magicians force the current queen and Raisa’s mother, to make choices that could change the future of the country, maybe for good.
Meanwhile, Han Alister, having lost everything he loved and still trying to accept his new future, embarks on the journey to Oden's Ford along with Fire Dancer. They will get a Magician’s education in Mystwerk House, the magicians academy. Han is not 100% sure of his choice and wonders whether he is in the right place between the wise men from noble families. Firedancer gets a lot of criticism because he’s a "copperhead" , a resident of the mountain clans, who are normally greatly opposed against magicians.

Will the paths of Raisa and Han intersect once again? Can Raisa maintain the false identity of Rebecca Morley? And with Micah Bayar also in Oden's Ford for his training, will he cause problems again?

This is the second book in the series and it is just as good, maybe even better than the first. The story reads like a train and you just can’t put the book down. Every sentence makes you crave for more. In this part of the story of Raisa and Han, we clearly see how they begin to evolve. Raisa is more and more mature and learns to make important choices. Han discovers the land of magic and makes unexpected, mysterious friends (who is Crow? I have an idea ...)
In short, this is a fascinating journey through the lives of some fascinating characters who are really fun to follow.