Friday, March 22, 2013

Guest Post: "My thoughts about reading a Fantasy book" by Wauter Biasino (Songstikal Blog)

My thoughts about reading a Fantasy book…
I must say, I enjoyed it quite a lot actually. However I don’t know whether I will read more Fantasy books. I’m just not a reader I guess. It just takes so long until I get to the end of a book, especially Fantasy books ‘cause they are most of the time pretty thick things!
On the other hand… I liked ‘The Warrior Heir’ from Chima a lot and I didn’t need to force myself to read it so… good job Chima!
The first thing I needed to get used to was the English. I never read an English book before so that was a bit difficult in the beginning. I was used to understanding every word completely while I’m reading… I chose to not look up every word I didn’t understand right away and after some time I just didn’t care anymore. I understood all the key elements and all the things that were happening. Maybe I missed some details but that didn’t make me like the book less.
It seems to me that a lot of Fantasy books have a lot of heroic elements in them. Big battles against high powers make me think of some Middle Age events sometimes but I like that ‘cause I’m a bit nostalgic myself.
Also the love stories can get my attention! I always imagine them like in those big historic BBC series. Very cool and hard sometimes with very strong men and tiny, beautiful women but oh so so passionate!
I noticed that I couldn’t read for a long time. After one or two hours I really needed to stop reading ‘cause it made me tired. I really had to concentrate  because of the English but the story wasn’t always very simple too. Maybe you’re laughing now ‘Oh weak boy, ‘The Warrior Heir’ is too difficult for him.’ but, you know, I always read after ten in the evening just before I went to bed so... I liked it that way because it was a nice end of the day most of the time but after an hour it really got me nodding. It was not because I didn’t like it, I just really had to concentrate very hard!
Looking at everything together… I might read some more Fantasy books. I liked the story and the ethos a lot! But I think I’ll keep them for in the holidays when I have lots of time so I don’t need to read late in the evening anymore. Those books deserve a better spot in the day, I think.
I hope I inspired some other Fantasy Book laymen to visit their local library, pick one of those books and read it from the beginning till the end. Enjoy!

About Wauter

I live in Belgium and I’m currently studying Biochemistry & Biotechnology at the National University in Ghent. So it’s clear that I like Biology and Chemistry besides that I like to write now and then in my mother tongue Dutch but my big passion is music. I have no particular preference for one genre. I just have to feel that the performer sings with a lot of dedication and that the people behind the music only live for their songs and nothing else. This is also the reason why music is so universal. People can sing in all languages they want, it only becomes a real hit if the song feels good and those feelings are the same all over the world. I truly believe that music can make the world a better place because music can say what words leave unspoken.


  1. As an avid reader, it was interesting to read this post from someone who doesn't pick up fiction often. Don't worry Wauter about the book sending you off to sleep. During the work week, I usually only get an hour of reading in before I snore off. My man is use to finding me asleep under a good book. The weekend are when I get in reading for a few hours each night.

  2. Well, glad I'm not the only one who falls asleep reading a book. ;)


  3. Hello Wauter; I am glad you still love reading Fantasy because it's most entertaining and educational. About falling a sleep while reading and having hard thing with English words; it's fine. I am Egyptian and it takes me too long to enjoy some fantasy books because the type of Fantasy writing is the highest like poems so it's so hard to get through into some chapters and as for English being a second language it must take you a time until you get used to reading...

    P.S. I am nostalgi myself :) .