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My rating system:
The most important thing about reviewing a book is honesty. If I didn't like something, I'll say it, because that's the only way I can give an accurate image of my own views towards books. Although I like quite a lot of books, I don't give 5 dragons easily. So don't be offended if your book only got 3! 
Look at it this way:

  • 5 dragons: Loved it! I want more!
  • 4 dragons: This was really good! I enjoyed it.
  • 3 dragons: It was ok, had a few good things and a few minor things.
  • 2 dragons: This book just isn't for me, there are good things about it, but I just didn't   like it that much.  
  • 1 dragon (I rarely give those): This was just... I really disliked this book, the writing was aweful and the story didn't appeal at all.  

But keep in mind: this is my opinion! Others may very well be thrilled about a book that I didn't particulary like. I respect that and I respect the work an author has put into creating a novel! All of you are artists and without you, there wouldn't be such a wonderful community and we readers would all be lost!