Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seven Realms Week - Schedule

It's getting oh so close now! On this day next week, "The Crimson Crown" will be released, the last part in the Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima. I know lots of people from all around the globe have been looking forward to this release for months, so why not get through this last agonizing week together? 
And what better way to do this, than dedicating the last week before the release to the Seven Realms?

So, here's the schedule for this week:

Wednesday, October 17:
For the people who have never heard of the Seven Realms: on this day I'll give all the information you need about the series. What's it about? How many books are there? Is it good? (Duh, it's awesome!)

Thursday, October 18:
Not only the story itself is awesome, the book covers of the Seven Realms books are always breathtaking. Who made them? Are there different versions of the book covers? Find out on thursday!

Friday, October 19:
Friday will be Author Day! Cinda Williams Chima answered a few of my questions (Thank you!) and we'll learn more about her and her other books!

Saturday, October 20:
Want to read the first chapter of "The Crimson Crown" and watch the awesome trailer? Tune in on saturday!

Sunday, October 21:
Characters and history of the Seven Realms. 

Monday, October 22:
I'll be giving away (signed) bookmarks and signed bookplates! This giveaway will be international so be sure to enter on monday!

Tuesday, October 23:
It's heeeeeere!!! It's finally heeeeeeere!!! Release Day Party!!

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