Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ascend - Trylle Trilogy #3 - Amanda Hocking

This is it. The fate of Förening lies in Wendy's hands. A war with the Vittra seems to approach rapidly and Elora, Wendy's mother and Queen of the Trylle, is deteriorating quickly. Is the Crown Princess ready for this heavy responsibility? And what about Finn, Loki and Tove? Wendy wants to leave all the chaos in her life behind her at all costs. And she will do everything to accomplish that.

I find it very difficult to write a review on this book. The series and the story itself is really well put together. The characters, the Trylle and their cities are imaginative, but I can not shake the feeling that this is a "cheap" story. It's obvious that these three books are self published. Per book, there were only a little over 300 pages, losing a lot of width in this story. Since I am a big fan of a more extensive story and thicker books, this was a drawback for me.
There will be many teenage hearts broken by the twist in the romantic aspect of the story. It actually seemed a strange twist, but maybe Hocking wanted a sort of surprise so she wouldn't seem too predictable. But working towards a climax througout two books and then abruptly changing cours in the third book is not exactly the best route to this objective.
The happy ending is a bit too corny for me, all happiness and hugs and kisses. That's just not my thing. A good book always has something up it's sleeve to surprise it's readers and make them gasp. I missed that in this one.

I will not write anything more about this book, which makes this a very brief review. In my eyes there could have been achieved much more with this story, but alas. Very unfortunate.
That does not mean that others can not enjoy this book. Certainly readers who prefer short and tight stories herein will be able to find their liking.