Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Switched - Trylle Trilogy #1 - Amanda Hocking

What should have been a fantastic party turned into a nightmare. On her 6th birthday Wendy's mother, Kim, goes berserk and tries to murder Wendy. She is convinced that her daughter isn’t really her child and that Wendy somehow killed her real son. Kim ends up in an institution and Wendy ends up with a big scar on her belly.
Now, almost 12 years later, Wendy is raised by her brother, Matt, and her aunt Maggie (her father passed away when she was young). Although Wendy looks like a normal girl, she has the feeling that she does not belong in this world. She hates the feeling of shoes on her feet, never seems to make friends, is expelled from each school and even her eating habits are somewhat anomalous, since she only wants to eat natural products which didn’t go through a special procedure (no juice or pancakes, because they have changed the original ingredients).
And then there's Finn, the new boy at school that’s constantly staring at her. Wendy doesn’t know what to think of Finn. Is he some kind of creepy stalker or just a weird guy who’s just a little too interested in her? Anyway, there is no denying that he is incredibly handsome.
And then Finn suddenly shows up at her bedroom window, and he seems to have all the answers about Wendy's life, especially her past. Can Wendy trust him enough to join him and leave, for the life she, without knowing it or wanting it, left behind?

In the beginning I was a little skeptical about the story. The Trylle is basically a fancy word for "trolls". This would be a book about trolls. Before I read the book I couldn’t get the picture of a small, ugly man with tufts of green hair out of my head. After reading the first book, however, I was bowled over with the world Hocking has created. It takes some time to adapt and completely get into the story, but I think it's well worth the effort. The Trylle prove to be a separate breed, who are quite clever individuals with certain powers. Wendy has the power of "Persuasion", if she can concentrate enough she can let everyone do what she want.
The relationship between Finn and Wendy is exciting, full of lust and confused feelings. That's how I like my love stories! I am curious how this will evolve in the next two books.

Beware, this is not a masterpiece. This is a Young Adult book that’s just a fun read, but it is not a literary miracle. It’s a rather short book (about 300 pages) that reads smoothly.
I will surely give a big round of applause for those who have designed the cover. I was really in love with the covers of all three books! They feel very special under my fingertips, soft, as if it’s not paper that I have here in my hands, but a kind of unknown substance. Very nice!