Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spotlight: "The Tower Broken" by Mazarkis Williams

A few days ago Mazarkis Williams revealed the cover for the third book in the "Tower and Knife" trilogy over on Booksworn. I have to say I'm really pleased with the result, all three of the covers will look stunning together on my shelf. I love the different colors all three of the books got and the combination they'll make when put together. 

Although "The Emperor's Knife" and me didn't really get along, I really enjoyed "Knife Sworn", the second book in the trilogy and I'm eager to read this last part of the series. 
The author has sent me a description of the book that made me even more curious about the rest of Sarmin's story. I'm also very interested in Govnan's viewpoint, because he's one of the characters I particularly like. Counting down to November...

Release Date: November 7th, 2013 (UK)
Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
Age Group:  Adult
More info: Sarmin's corner | Jo Fletcher Books | Booksworn

Months have passed since Sarmin sealed the emptiness in his brother Beyon’s tomb, but the Mogyrk god had wounds elsewhere, and they are spreading. The closest, centred upriver, threatens to breach Cerana’s walls within the year and Sarmin, no longer able to perceive pattern-magic, fears he is powerless to stop it. High Mage Govnan works hard to find a way to stay the nothingness, even passing into the realm of fire to broker a new deal with the efreet; but Sarmin sees a crack in the mage-tower and considers it a symbol of the end. When he hears that Yrkmir marches towards Nooria, he orders the evacuation of the palace though his baby brother Daveed has not yet been found. Mesema and Nessaket refuse to leave.
The search for Daveed is extensive as is the search for Austere Adam, the priest who escaped their dungeon with the help of rebellious slaves. As the city fills with refugees it is difficult to tell friend from foe, Mogyrk from Cerani, citizen from escaped slave. Pockets of fighting break out.
Into this chaos Banreh, Windreader chief and Felting traitor, approaches the city and surrenders himself upon Sarmin’s mercy. He offers an alliance between Cerana and a faction of Frythian Mogyrks who have been pressed into the desert by Yrkmir. Intrigued by the schism in the Mogyrk church, Sarmin imprisons Banreh while he considers his offer.
Govnan’s tower is cracked and his students few and scattered, so the initiation of a new mage is of great importance. Farid shows an aptitude for interpreting Yrkmen patterns, which Govnan has long attempted and failed to understand. While the Yrkmen army approaches, Sarmin must make some difficult decisions. With no magic of his own, and the fate of his brother in the balance, Sarmin turns to Govnan and the Tower, asking them to risk all to save Nooria.

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