Thursday, November 29, 2012

Giveaway!! - Author of the Month - Amber Argyle


Want a chance to win a "Witch Song" e-book ? Fill in the rafflecopter below!! 
Read my review about Witch Song HERE. This book and its sequel are a must read for all YA Fantasy lovers out there! 

Competition ends on December 13th.
Thanks to Amber Argyle for making this giveaway possible!

The world is changing. Once, Witch Song controlled everything from the winds to the shifting of the seasons-but not anymore. All the Witches are gone, taken captive by a traitor. All but Brusenna. As the echo of their songs fade, the traitor grows stronger. Now she is coming for Brusenna. Her guardian has sworn to protect her, but even he can't stop the Dark Witch. Somehow, Brusenna has to succeed where every other Witch has failed. Find the traitor. Fight her. Defeat her. Because if Brusenna doesn't, there won't be anything left to save.

Terms and conditions:
  • If you want to enter, follow the instructions in the rafflecopter form below.
  • Entrants must be 13 years of age or have parental permission.
  • This giveaway is international!
  • The winner(s) will be announced on this page in the rafflecopter form shortly after the conclusion of the giveaway.
  • The winner(s) will be notified by email and will have 72 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen.
  • As to protect your privacy and prevent spam mail, please don't leave your email address in the comments section.
  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I want to be a Time travailing girl if I ever had a power :) .

    Thanks for this contest.

  2. Hmm.. I want to have the power to stop/manipulate time and/or travel through it. XD

  3. Came by to enter but the rafflecopter just keeps spinning. I'll try to come back later =) looks like a fun book.

  4. I'd like to be able to move things with my mind! Then I could make myself fly, like in chronicle!

  5. That is a hard question but I think if I had to have one it would be to move things with my mind.

  6. Invisibility. So I could hide from my kids and read uninterrupted LOL

  7. I want them really probably to travel through time.

  8. I want to be able to conjure/control the elements

  9. Hmmm I guess mine is more Paranormal but I would be a mind would come in handy with men and children!

  10. I want to be able to conjure/control the element

  11. I loved all your answers! Thank you all for entering!
    If I had to choose one ability, I think I would chose time travel (but in a cool way, like with the Doctor :D) I'd like to revisit te Middle Ages and see all the critical points in history happen before my eyes.