Saturday, November 24, 2012

Author of the Month - Witch Born - Review

Release Date: September 5th 2012
Publisher: Starling Publishing
Age Group: Young Adult

Pages: 330
Format: Kindle e-book

Source: Bought

"As she listened, it seemed the wind's fingers strummed branches like strings; the sound resonated in hollows and crevices. She could almost  taste the mineral rain, see the color melt away into shades of gray, and feel the cool damp."

Brusenna thought it was finished. 
She defeated the Dark Witch, saving the Haven Witches from imprisonment and death. She found love and a place to belong. 
She was wrong. 
Haven is not the sanctuary it appears to be. Even love is in danger of slipping away like water through cupped hands. 
Some things can't be saved. 
A new threat merges with the old as the Witches’ dark history begins to catch up with them. Only Brusenna knows the extent of the danger and how to stop it, though doing so might cost her everything.
Including her life. 
Will Brusenna be required to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Last night, when I’d finished reading Witch Born, a lot of sentences were swirling in my head. They all described exactly how I felt about the book and they were perfect to share my feelings with you in a review.
And then I fell asleep.
Off course, after waking up this morning I couldn’t remember a thing. This had me frustrated ALL DAY LONG. God, this was such a perfect review in my head. I’ll try to recreate it as accurately as I can.

I don’t give five dragons that easily, certainly not to YA books. I’ve outgrown most of them, but I still like to read a few to search for the pearls among them. This is one of those pearls. A big and shiny one.
What made me decide to give this five dragons?
First of all the credibility of this story. There are a lot of fighting scenes and Senna never leaves a confrontation unscathed. Along her journey she gathers a lot of scars, on her body as well as her soul. She’s the kind of girl that wants to do good, she wants to solve problems even if that means risking everything she has and is. “If you fail, stand up, dust yourself off and try again” seems to be the perfect motto for our heroine.

I can believe this story, I found myself wrapped in it for hours on end, completely immersed in the world Amber created. To give an example:
I’m a Uni student, so as some of you might know, I go out now and then. Another thing you should know about me: I can’t go to sleep without reading a few pages. On Monday I got home at 1 in the night and decided to read just a few pages before I’d go to sleep. When I looked up again and glanced at the clock, it was 3 in the night/morning. Not that good for my hours of sleep that night, but it says a lot about the book. I hadn’t noticed at all that 2 hours had passed, that’s how absorbed I was.

The book starts off with an explosion of action that pulls you into the story right away.
Actually, the whole story is a rollercoaster of new discoveries and twists that I’d never seen coming and fast-paced action that got me glued to the pages. The author kept me guessing about a lot of characters, I just couldn’t figure out who to trust. I think I suspected every single one of the characters during the story.

Senna is going through a lot of changes that leave her confused and kind of alone. She doesn’t know what’s happening to her and no one seems to want to tell her. In Witch Born I had a better connection with Senna than in Witch Song. She has grown so much since the beginning. She’s not a frightened little girl defenseless when harassed by a market vendor anymore. I like this confident, more mature Senna.

I could keep going on about this book, but I’ll end the review here and let you discover the rest of the wonderful things in this tale for yourself. 


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