Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seven Realms Week - Crimson Crown Sneak Peeks


Can't wait anymore? Are you dying to know SOME small clue about what's going to happen in the Seven Realms in this last book? I know I want to!

Read the first chapter HERE!

Whoesh, tension seems to be THE word describing  this first chapter. Poor Han and poor Raisa. I hope they can get out of this situation between the clans and the wizards. 

And take a look at the amazing trailer for "The Crimson Crown" below!

Want to know more about the person behind the "Crimson Crown" song? 
Check out his facebookpage here.

And here are some other little sneak peeks:

(You'll have to click on this on to read it properly, it's a bit to long to fit in the blogpost and still be readable)

Please, let it be tuesday already!!

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